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Recovery is possible
If you have back pain that won’t go away or keeps recurring, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place

You may have been told you have to…


You may have tried lots of different things and nothing seems to work.

It’s time to take a fresh perspective…
Do you have a back problem
or a pain problem?

If you’ve had back pain for longer than the expected tissue healing time (normally 6-12 weeks), then it’s no longer primarily a back problem, it’s more likely to be a PAIN PROBLEM!

Did you know…
It is possible to have ‘arthritis’ or a ‘slipped disc’
or ‘spinal degeneration’ and still be PAINFREE?
The latest evidence from pain neuroscientists indicates that persistent back pain is not directly related to tissue damage in the spine.

Persistent pain is driven by a problem in the nervous system that has become sensitive to pain and stress and programmed to produce pain. The nervous system in people with persistent pain is physiologically different to those without pain.

The good news is that these changes are reversible and you can train yourself out of pain.
If you practice the piano, you get better at it. If you
train to run a marathon, you improve your time.

Being PAINFREE is a trained response.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – Learn to heal
By understanding how pain really works and practising powerful mind-body training techniques that calm and heal the sensitive nervous system, you address the underlying cause of pain.

No drugs, no injections or surgery.

Just bring yourself. Pain relief is an inside job.
Calm the mind

Relax the body

Move with ease

Live Painfree

Our 3 Step System
Our 3 step system to healing chronic pain addresses the underlying cause of pain that most people don’t know about. It’s a fresh approach that challenges you to think differently and learn how to create a future you deserve.
Calm over-sensitive
nervous system.
Change the way you
think, feel and move.
Create the future
YOU want.
Introducing the Painfree Blueprint
Discover our Painfree Blueprint for back pain. We coach you step by step through a life-changing journey!
It’s important to understand that we are not a medical service, so before commencing the Painfree Blueprint see your health professional to exclude any medical causes of pain that require medical treatment.
Make sure you get all the medical help you need. Our role as expert health and wellness coaches is to help guide you and walk beside you on your journey out of pain. We educate, motivate, support, and inspire you to make lasting change and live life the way you want.

Make us part of your team! It is possible to get long term pain relief even after many months or years of pain using our modern, scientifically proven approach.

You’re the first person to be positive about my problem. Definitely the highlight of my personal year – life changing actually. – Peter D.
Every great journey starts
with a single step.

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