About Us

Welcome to the Mindbody Pain Institute.

MBPi aims to educate and inspire the millions of people around the world living in chronic pain. We believe that recovery is possible irrespective of illness or injury.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, we simply need to know how. We want to empower people in pain and equip them with the knowledge and skills to move along the pathway to recovery and freedom.

We provide online programs, resources and coaching that transform people with chronic pain, enabling them to live healthier, happier lives.


Jennie Martin

About Jennie

Jennie Martin is an international physiotherapist, clinical educator and skilled clinician with 20 years experience.  She also has a Science degree with majors in pharmacology and physiology. She has worked in private and public health in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  She was the team physiotherapist for the London Marathon and toured with Australian National Sports Teams. Her diverse life experience has included rafting the Nile, travelling across America in a removalist truck, farming, parenting and surviving cancer. She is an accredited Wellness Coach and the founding Director of the Mindbody Pain Institute.

Hi, I’m Jennie Martin.

I have been very privileged to share the ride with many brave and amazing people in their journey out of pain.  I have great compassion for human suffering and a firm belief that knowledge has the power to transform lives. I am constantly inspired by people who are open and receptive to change. We CAN change pain, but only by learning how to change ourselves in the process.

This is my story…..

Not so long ago I was ridiculously busy, spreading myself thinly in many different directions. I was juggling the roles of a physiotherapist, a farmer, a mum to 2 beautiful girls and a wife. My much loved father who was a medical specialist, had recently died of an incurable disease and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent cancer treatment 400km from home and had an anaphylactic reaction to chemotherapy. My blood pressure dropped and I drifted off peacefully into unconsciousness. It was my perfect storm.

Whilst I recovered consciousness thanks to some prompt medical intervention, the storm continued for another 18 months. The radiotherapy left me with a very red, hot swollen left breast that was incredibly painful. I couldn’t use my left arm to lift anything, I couldn’t work, couldn’t hug my children, couldn’t lay on my left side. The pain simply wouldn’t go away.

The cancer treatment had not only played havoc with my immune system but had also displaced me from my home, my job, my support network and from all the aspects of my life that gave me an identity, that really made me…… me. It had also profoundly changed my view on health. I had been working as a health professional for nearly 20 years but I only now began to understand what it takes to heal.

My ultimate success in healing cancer and chronic pain resulted from switching off my well-developed survival instincts. To learn to sit and be me. Not to ‘do’, just to ‘be’. To learn the power of vulnerability. Surprisingly it gave me love and compassion. I was grateful for the cancer and pain. It taught me to live my truth.

The healing process is at times confronting and feels uncomfortable for a while. Any significant change does. Challenging your beliefs and behaviours takes courage. Facing your fears takes bravery. Being yourself takes no effort at all, but you have to allow it to happen.

My life is so different now. My journey completely changed my perspective. My choices, my beliefs, my priorities have all changed. My pain has gone.

I wish you well on your wellness journey and may you too find freedom, peace and happiness.