People in pain want relief fast. In reality unless you get to the underlying cause of the pain, the symptoms will return.

The latest pain science tells us persistent pain is not caused by injured tissue, but a problem in our neuro-immune system. That’s a fancy word for our “inner healer”, a system that knows who we are and protects and heals us. Yes, that’s right we have a mechanism within us by which we can heal ourselves and our pain.

We have an easy 3 step system that addresses the real cause of chronic pain and gives you the tools and freedom to live the life you want!



Step 1:     Calm the mind and heal the sensitive nervous system

You cannot heal when you are stressed.  Stress creates pain and pain creates stress. The more stress and pain you have, the more sensitive and reactive the nervous system becomes.

Getting rid of pain starts with dealing with stress and learning to relax.  It’s that simple. Turn off your ‘threat detector’ and learn the techniques that calm the busy mind.

Calmness brings clarity of mind and connects you with who you are. It activates your ‘inner healer’ and builds the resilience and belief within you to climb mountains.







Step 2:     Change the way you think, feel and move

The power to change your pain is within your grasp. Knowledge gives you that power. The moment you can understand your pain and make sense of it all, you gain control.

Again we keep things simple. Change your mind and move your body. We teach you how pain really works and challenge you to think, feel and move differently.

We help you overcome the excuses and limiting beliefs that have held you back and use your strengths to move you forward.







Step 3:     Create the future you want

This is the fun bit! Healing is all about loving yourself and what you do. It’s about achieving balance in your life.  We can help you create the future you want.

Who are you and what do you love to do? We explore your values, passions and purpose. We set you a challenge to find a creative expression of yourself, something that is important to you.

We coach you through the steps to help you succeed in being the best version of yourself.  Lets get out there and do it!