of hope

Pete’s story

I was under immense stress and my marriage had broken down. I then had a brain aneurysm and 4 days later I woke in hospital 400km from home. I was unable to move my left side, had limited memory and a splitting headache.

I learned to walk, think, remember and love again. Over the next 6 months I completely rebuilt my life from the bottom up.

“Focus on the positive, rather than what might go wrong. Let that lead you forward. “

“(I recognised) I still have all the ingredients that make this (life) good. They’re not in a mess anymore, they’re in neat piles. It’s about rebuilding them one bit at a time.”

“I found equilibrium and …inner health and inner peace and I can bring that to the people around me now.”

Peter, 48    headaches and brain aneurysm

Peter went on to make a full recovery is now in a new relationship.

Susie’s story

I’m an events manager and I injured my back lifting. I had been working 60 hours a week and was under a lot of pressure. My back and leg pain didn’t get better and I had a back operation thinking that would fix my problem. It didn’t and then I lost my job.

My recovery involved small manageable steps and hard work. I walked a lot, did Pilates and I learnt how pain works. It helped a lot. I worked on my emotions. I really got in tune with myself and my values and that landed me my perfect job.

I’ve just organised an event for 300 delegates in my new role. It went amazingly well, I am so proud of myself.  I’ve got a few tricks left up my sleeve too!

“Look at how far you’ve come, not how far you’ve got to go.”


Susie, 44   back pain

Anna’s story

I was working in the field of forensic analysis and injured my back lifting. I had a lot of pain that seemed to get worse and worse. I couldn’t face returning to work in forensics and chose to resign.

My back pain was preventing me from living a normal life and I became very depressed.  I was angry my close friends didn’t understand.

The turning point came when I read an article that really brought home to me that everyone is on their own journey and it was time to focus on mine.

After working with my coach I am so much clearer now. I know who I am and what’s important to me. I am now working with children and developing a craft business. I plan to visit my mum in the States next year and have baby plans as well.


Anna, 30   back pain